a play

WONDER/LUST follows the quest for the unseen that has inspired artists, scientists and explorers for centuries. The iconic 1933 film King Kong presents the story of a man on a journey to find the elusive and terrifying monster, Kong. WONDER/LUST is a meditation on his journey as well as the making of the film itself. As a group of actors screen test, rehearse, and perform scenes from King Kong on a soundstage, the film’s plot is intertwined with contemporary reflections the power of the unknown. The result is a kaleidoscopic view of wonder and the human thirst for it.

Conceived, Directed and Designed by Andrew Ondrejcak
Production Dramaturgy by Anne Seiwerath
Music and Sound by Konstantin Fritz
Costume and Styling by Mary Catherine Muir
Hair Design by Miki Mori
Make-Up design by Jun Funahashi
Photographs by Georgia Nerheim
Production Management by Lydia Andersen-Tarnell

Red-Faced Man With Gin on His Breath Doug Barron
Man Who Never Smiles Manuel Fihman
Small Woman With a Very Large Headache Jenn Dees
Woman With an Extremely Long Neck Nicole D'Amico
Man With Big Shoulders Jason Winfield
Woman With Ginormous Eyes Yuki Kawahisa
Bad Girl Gone Good Rosebud Baker

Presented by HERE Arts Center, Soho, NYC, July 2009. 

WONDER/LUST was originally workshopped at the CSV Cultural Center, NYC, January 2009. Production Management by Tom Palmer Projects. The creative team was the same as above.

Original Cast:
Charles Chemin
Nicole D'Amico
Jenn Dees
Tammuz Frankel
Yuki Kawahisa
Christopher James Raynor
Jennifer Soo