VENERATION #2: The House Not Meant To Stand

a performance installation

VENERATION #2: The House Not Meant To Stand is the second in a series of visual poems responding to a particular passing or exodus in the life of the artist. Performed by members of the SCAD community, the performance took place between twin altars modeled after Christian altarpieces. While one rests in shadow and light, the other becomes a sculptural canvas for a chorus of moving mouths, creating a mosaic of contemporary language within an ancient liturgy - a memorial to the ephemeral nature of body, mind, and memory.

Commissioned by SCAD Museum of Art
Created by Andrew Ondrejcak
Production Management by Jenn Dees
Technical Direction by George Doles
Co-Stage Design by Kevin Petersen
Stage Management by Andrew Flores Chaliotis

Jorge Jose Bolanos
Andrew Florez Chaliotis
Jeanne Dews
Steven G. Diehl
Zhou Fang
Martine Fleurisma
Candace Kitchens
Karla Knudsen