VENERATION #1: The Young Heir Takes Possession of The Master's Effects

a performance installation

Leading up to the death of his father in 2010, Ondrejcak devised Veneration #1: The Young Heir Takes Possession of The Master's Effects, in which he isolates and observes his body's process of physical weakening (and eventual failure) by performing a repeated sequence of athletic actions until physical failure. The action takes place behind a one-way mirror; the audience can see the action while Ondrejcak can only see his reflection as his body adjusts to the tasks. In front of the mirror is a clear glass dumbbell. Markings on the mirror correspond to the proportions of an idealized man, both acknowledging and challenging the notion of the Ideal Man. His heavy breathing slowly drowns out the sound of a baroque minuet for harpsichord.

Created and performed by Andrew Ondrejcak
Music written by Michael Galasso
Harpsichord performed by Andrew Ondrejcak
Recorded by Devin Greenwood at Astor Courts, Rhinebeck, NY. Special thanks to the Astor estate.

Presented by Guggenheim Museum, Works and Process 2011

Performed in QUINTET, five new performances curated by Robert Wilson