a choral work for a choir with soloist

LOST/FOUND condenses the traditional narrative tale into a simple story structure: a protagonist is lost, then found. There is little other detail as to when or how the charge occurs; it simply does. In the text, Ondrejcak questions the necessity of plot and character, turning his attention to how nature, in its ongoing evolution, is indifferent to the human experience - that oftentimes we are lost or found just as nature exists or ceases to exist. Musically, the chorus embodies various aspects of the natural world (a forest, animals, the stars) and soloists emerge (Ms. Worden plays "The Universe") as the protagonists journey from lost to found. 

LOST/FOUND premiered at Schloss Benrath Castle for Schumannfest in Dusseldorf, Germany on May 29th, 2014. The work was performed by the Clara Schumann Youth Choir.

Composer and Lead Performer Shara Worden
Librettist Andrew Ondrejcak