January 31 2019 – Feb 2 2019
Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans

Like a contemporary version of a Bruegel painting, “Landscape With Figures” focuses on the interconnectivity and relationship between the lives of the unrelated. The audience (seated on risers above the playing space) watches from above as a large cast of actors, dancers and performance-makers perform individual stories. The stories are written by 5 unrelated writers and are interpreted by 5 unrelated groups of director/choreographer/performers. Similarly, the costumes are made by artisans from a variety of countries, facilitated through the United Nations’ Ethical Fashion Initiative.

The short stories (bound like a playbill) are distributed to the audience as they exit the theater after the performance. Each story corresponds with one of the performers onstage. Therefore, an audience member can watch a story on-stage then read in detail about that character after leaving the theater. Despite unremarkable existences, the character’s stories and journeys layer into a portrait of the interconnectivity of all humans, with each individual both the center of the world and part of something they cannot comprehend.

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