Andrew Ondrejcak is a writer, director, and designer of performances, theater, opera and fashion shows.


I ended up in performance by way of painting and architecture. I studied both subjects in college and liked the immediacy and act of painting but I also liked the intricacies (and difficulty) in understanding the three-dimensional systems of architecture. Only later did I discover the theater as a place in which I could do both simultaneously.  

My performances, too, are driven by juxtapositions - primarily between the flesh and the soul, between the past and present. My work (and life) is an extended attempt to find meaning in these divisions. I pose questions to which I can not possibly know the answer (What is the soul anyway?) and in my broken, fumbling attempts to answer them, I create more questions, more brokenness, which I then reassemble in a personal way. 


Born and raised in Mississippi, Andrew studied architecture and painting at Savannah College of Art and Design and, later, playwriting at Brooklyn College. His work with experimental theater led him to a career in art direction and production design in the fashion industry where he became one of New York’s most sought-after production designers, known for large-scale environmental installations. He works with Vogue, Bazaar, Italian Vogue, Wallpaper*, W, V, among others. 

As a performance-maker, Ondrejcak’s works have been presented at The Kitchen (2016), BAM Harvey Theater (2015), The Public Theater in Under the Radar Festival (2014), deSingel International Arts Campus, Antwerp (2013); Holland Festival, Amsterdam (2014); Kampnagel, Hamburg (2013) and the Guggenheim Museum’s Works in Process (2011) curated by Robert Wilson. He reperformed the work of Marina Abramović in The Artist is Present at MoMA (2010). 

Artist Residencies include the Watermill Center (2016), Yaddo (2016), the Park Avenue Armory (2015-2016), Baryshnikov Arts Center (2013) and NYC's Governor's Island (2013).

As an arts educator, Ondrejcak teaches workshops on his creative process - hybrid of performance and design - at Domaine de Boisbuchet in Lessac, France (2013-2016) and, since 2002, has been a lecturer at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.



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